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Message from The Chair

Welcome to our website for No 2 Bullying @ Work. I am privileged to have been elected as the Chair of this much needed charity and hope that you will support myself and our team in our work.

Bullying appears to be common place in today’s society and the impact that it has on individuals can be detrimental to their well-being and mental health. It’s ripple effect can cause breakdowns in personal relationships, lack of confidence and even create difficulties in day to day functioning. We aim to support those affected by bullying at workso that they can make important choices about their lives. We will also provide guidance to employers to help to remove unwelcome behaviour. The charity will campaign towards a zero tolerance towards bullying in a working environment. We are a charity that focuses specifically on bullying at work as there is a lack of resources in this area alone.

Thank you for your patience while our website is under construction and our charity works hard to raise funds to enable us to have a telephone line as a platform for you to call and speak to one of our advisors directly. We will continue to provide help through our Facebook page, email and through our website.

Best Wishes, Pankaj

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Want to lose weight and help a worthwhile cause? Why not get in touch and get sponsored by your friends, family and colleagues through raising money for us for each lb you lose?

How can you help us?



This charity relies heavily on donations and money raised at fundraisers. All proceeds go towards supporting those that need the charity’s help. If you would like to support us please donate to the following bank account. Every little helps us to continue to carry forward our mission.                                                                        


If you have a few hours that you can spare, why not join us as a volunteer? We are always looking for volunteers to join the team and share their experiences and knowledge. You can also gain some new skills at the same time! Please get in touch through the Contact Form or via our email and we will be in touch.


We function through money raised at fundraising events. If you would like to help with your own fundraiser or volunteer at one of ours, please get in touch through the Contact Form or through our email address.

Meet Our People


Kay Badial


(Information and Advice and Chief Fundraiser)


Pankaj Vekria


(Founding Member)


Neil Wyatt

Deputy Chairman

(Founding Member)


Barbara Scheck


(Founding Member)


Joao Tervino


(Founding Member)


Zarya Zarkova

Designer (Charity Logo)


A massive thankyou for giving her time, commitment and effort into not only supporting the charity but also to designing the charity logo

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Emotional & Practical Support



We are raising funds for a telephone line.

We can be contacted via email or through our Facebook page.

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